Zanbamon is a Demon Man Digimon whose name and design is derived from "zanbato". It was adopted from a winning entry in the "Bandai-Town FAX Service Digimon Illustration Contest" which belonged to Arata Hirayama from Chiba prefecture. It has the appearance of a horse-riding warrior. It is a courageous warrior who reigns as the general of the Musyamon corps. Although it is a general, it voluntarily stands at the head of its own army, as it prefers to fight by cutting into the opponent. Its lower half is fused with its horse in order to move more easily about the battlefield, so that even during a pitched battle it is able to swing its sword without losing its balance. It wields the gigantic zanbato "Ryūzan-maru" (龍斬丸? lit. "Dragon Beheader") in its right hand, and a slender youtou in its left.


Zanbamon digivolves from Kotemon at level 41.


  • Focal Blade
  • Mystic Flame

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