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Woodmon is a Vegetation Digimon and is the digivolved form of Mushroomon. Because their bodies are made of wood, they can easily catch fire and thus greatly fear fiery Digimon, although this is a downside, the bark acts like armour to most other attacks. With a ferocious personality, Woodmon are known to disguise themselves as trees to absorb the energy from other unsuspecting Digimon.


Palmon (Woodmon) Line

Woodmon digivolves from Palmon at level 11.

Woodmon digivolves to Cherrymon at level 25.

Mushroomon Line

Woodmon digivolves from Mushroomon at level 11.

Woodmon digivolves to Argomon (Ultimate) at level 25.


  • Woody Smash
  • Branch Drain

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