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Silver Lake

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Location on Map
Silver Lake
Village of the Beginning Silver Lake Silent Forest
Silver Lake, Sunshine forest. It feels warm.

Digimon in the area

Name Level
Tsunomon map icon Tsunomon 44
DemiMeramon DemiMeramon (Leader) 53
Upamon Map icon Upamon (Leader) 44
Koromon map icon Koromon 44
Tanemon map icon Tanemon 44
Gotsumon map icon Gotsumon 54
Kunemon map icon Kunemon 45
Dokugumon map icon Dokunemon (Leader) 46
Palmon map icon Palmon 45
Mushroomon map icon Mushroomon 48
Candlemon map icon Candlemon 53
File:Tentomon map icon.png Tentomon (Vaccine) 50
Patamon map icon Patamon 46
Betamon map icon Betamon 46
Rockmon map icon Rockmon (Leader) 55
Woodmon map icon Woodmon 54
Birdramon map icon Birdramon 49
File:Sabirdramon map icon.png Sabirdramon 50
Kiwimon map icon Kiwimon (Data) 50
RedVegiemon map icon RedVegiemon (Virus) 50
File:Seadramon icon.png Seadramon 47
File:Cherrymon icon.png Cherrymon (Leader) 55
File:Kuwagamon icon.png Kuwagamon (Boss) 55
File:Kuwagamon icon.png Kuwagamon (Despotism of Highest Hill Boss) 50
File:Lilymon icon.png Lilymon (Protector of Fireflies Boss) 52

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