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Sharmamon is an Ogre Digimon whose name and design are derived from the shaman. It is referred to as Shamanmon in Japanese Bandai materials and is also referred to as WonsiGoburimon (원시고부리몬lit. "PrimitiveGoblimon"). Sharmamon is a "Goblimon" which acts as a priest to the rest of the Ogre Digimon. They lead clans of Ogre Digimon preaching various things. When he becomes anxious, it is said that he can hear the voice of God. It is also said that he is experienced at telling the future.


Sharmamon digivolves to Apemon at level 11.

Sharmamon digivolves to Mammothmon at level 25.

Sharmamon digivolves to SkullMammothmon at level 41.


  • Mad Twist
  • Shaman Hammer


A digimon that delivers the word of God to its kind, the Goblimon begins its rite with a strange dance. It is said that, when it enters a trance, the Goblimon can hear from God. It ultimately evolves into SkullMammothmon.


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