What's Riding Mode?

Riding Mode allows players to ride certain Digimon, and move faster than normal.

Riding Rookie, Champion or Ultimate digimon makes travelling faster, but riding a Mega digimon allows to ride even faster, passing through Leader and Captain Digimons withouth being attacked, and restoring fadigue from the Tamer.

Beelzemon, Gallantmon, Imperialdramon Paladin ModeChaosdramon, MaloMyotismon and Dexmon got their special Riding mode, with Behemoth for Beelzemon, Grani for Gallantmon, White Blade for Imperialdramon, Chaotic Seat for Chaosdramon, Sodom for MaloMyotismon and Death-X-Seat for Dexmon. These Riding Modes are sligthly faster than the Mega Level Digimon's riding modes.

How to get the Riding Mode?

First, make sure that your digimon is rideable. There are two types of Riding Items:

The first one, called Rider Wing, can be purchased from Megumi Shirakawa at Yokohama Village for 500 M. Despite being able to open the Riding Mode for Rookie, Champion and Ultimate Digimon, the Rider Wing doesn't works with Mega Digimon.

The second one is called Mode Selector, and can be purchased from the Cash Shop for 18 Silks or Premium Silks, or obtained at certain events. Mode Selector works for every type of Digimon.

Required Amount of Items

  • Rookie, Champion and Ultimate: 1 Rider Wing or 1 Mode Selector.
  • Mega: 2 Mode Selectors.
  • Burst Mode/Side Mega: 5 Mode Selectors.
  • Beelzemon: 1 Behemoth.
  • Gallantmon: 1 Grani.
  • Imperialdramon Padin Mode: 1 White Blade.
  • Chaosdramon: 1 Chaotic Seat.
  • MaloMyotismon: 1 Sodom. 
  • Dexmon: 1 Death-X-Seat.

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