Rapidmon is an Android Digimon whose name is derived from "Rapid" and whose design is derived from the Poodle dog breed. It digivolved from Gargomon. It holds the alias of "Keen Hound", and it reliably brings down the opponent with movements near the speed of light. Also, it freely uses its gigantic ears as radar, can act even in the dark, and is also able to detect the existence of distant enemies. The silhouette of its body makes you think of a shaved poodle. During battle its neck protector shuts.[4]


Rapidmon digivolves from Terriermon at Level 11.

Rapidmon digivolves from Gargomon at Level 25.

Rapidmon digivolves to MegaGargomon at Level 41.

Rapidmon digivolves to BlackMegaGargomon at Level 65 (with the item BlackMega Wing).


  • Rapid Fire
  • Tri - Beam

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