Puppetmon is a Puppet Digimon whose Japanese name and design are derived from the fictional Pinocchio, and whose English name is derived from "Puppet". It is referred to as "Pinomon" in Finnish materials. It was built from the body of a cursed Cherrymon, and it is thought that it was probably constructed from Cherrymon's data by a single fiendish hacker. It has an appearance like a marionette, but it can move under its own volition. Its personality is detestable, as it tells fibs, and when a computer presents false information, it is the work of Puppetmon.


Puppetmon digivolves from Cherrymon at level 41.

Puppetmon digivolves to AncientTroiamon at level 65 (with the Trojan Horse).


  • Lie
  • Puppet Pummel
  • Big Dutch Doll

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