PawnChessmon (Black) is a Puppet Digimon whose names and design are derived from the black "Pawn" chess piece. It was born from data leaking out of a chess game supercomputer. Its power is weak, but it is promoted when it strives for prominence, and it is an ordinary pawn that conceals the mystery that it is said to possess Mega-class power. Its catchphrase is, "I only advance!" It considers its fellows who are striving for prominence ahead of it to be its rivals.


PawnChessmon (Black) digivolves to KnightChessmon (Black) at level 11.

PawnChessmon (Black) digivolves to RookChessmon at level 25.

PawnChessmon (Black) digivolves to QueenChessmon at level 41.


  • Pawn Spear
  • Pawn Buckler


A puppet-type digimon born from the data of a chess game. This generic yet mysterious pawn suddenly evolves with increasing experience and is capable of attaining the powers of a Mega Class digimon. A competitor to PawnChessmon W, it becomes the QueenChessmonin its final stage of evolution.

PawnChessmon (Black)

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