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Owryumon is a Dragon Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody whose name and design are derived from the Promoted Rook (竜王 Ryū-ou?, lit. "Dragon King"). It is an imaginary Digimon born from the "Daydream of a DigiCore". Due to the interface on its brow, even its DigiCore's own creativity was miraculously released, and its form digivolved. Possibly because it naturally possessed the ferocious combat data of the "Dragons" and "Generals" of Japanese myth within its DigiCore, the form created by its DigiCore is a "Warrior Dragon", clad in frightening, majestic Japanese armor and holding swords in both of its hands. The left-hand sword is the "Gairyū Sadaijin" (鎧龍左大刃? lit. "Armored Dragon Left Greatsword"), and the right-hand sword is the "Gairyū Udaijin" (鎧龍右大刃? lit. "Armored Dragon Right Greatsword"). The blades of the wings on its back are called the "Gaiba Daimeijin" (鎧馬大名刃? lit. "Armored Horse Famous Blades").[3] The characters on its swords are their names.


OuRyuumon digivolves from HishaRyuumon at level 41.

Owryumon digivolves to Alphamon Ouryuuken at level 41 (with Dorumon and the Jogress Chip)


  • Golden Armor
  • Immortal Dragon King Blade

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