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its connected to Silver Lake

you have to make quest for leomon can kill centarumon boss but it takes lots of time.tanemon give tanemon egg or miracle fruit.kill centarumon 3 times and give box and box give return egg or 3 boss cards and rare machine item.dungeon needs tamer lvl.50 to 3 different quests.


unknown for now


Knightmon lvl.80

Mistymon (boss) lvl.80

Parasimon lvl.80

Parasimon (boss) lvl.80

Garudamon lvl.80

Garudamon (boss) lvl.80

Dracmon (boss) lvl.50

Roachmon lvl.40

Tanemon lvl.10

centarumon (boss) lvl.90

Volcamon lvl.80

Volcamon (boss) lvl.80

Leomon (boss) lvl.90

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