Monodramon is a Mini Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Monos (μόνος lit. "One") Dramon". It has bat-like wings attached to both of its hands, but is unable to fly. Despite being a Vaccine, its personality is not so much considerably rough as it is near to brutality, giving the impression that it is a brawl-loving Digimon. Even in the Digital World, this Monodramon is in the heart of most brawls enough that it seems even Ogremon is fed up with Monodramon’s tenacity. Also, the horn growing behind it is said to be its weak point, but this definitely has no degree of truth.


Monodramon digivolves to Strikedramon at level 11.

Monodramon digivolves to CyberDramon at level 25.

Monodramon digivolves to Justimon at level 41.

Monodramon digivolves to Fujinmon at level 65 (with the Critical Arm).


  • Slash Nail
  • Fire Breath
  • Bust Shadow Wing


Monodramon is a digimon with a vicious personality that likes to fight. They say its horn is its weakness, but this has not been confirmed. It becomes Justimon in its final stage of evolution


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