Mojyamon is a Rare Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Shaggy" (もじゃもじゃ Mojamoja?), as well as the Yeti. It is a hairy Digimon completely covered in white fur, and lives in the hinterland of snowy mountains, so it is very rare to come across one. There are many reported sightings of Mojyamon, but no evidence to prove its existence, so for a long period it was considered to be a Digimon based on myths. With its carefree personality, it is never belligerent. However, it considers its den and territory to be sacred ground, and it will never permit this sacred ground to be invaded.


Mojyamon digivolves from Gomamon at level 11.

Mojyamon digivolves to Piximon at level 25.

Mojyamon digivolves to Jijimon at level 41.


  • Icicle Rod
  • Bone Boomerang

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