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Mercenary Digi-Eggs are a different type of Eggs that can be dropped from Wild Digimon. When the Mercenary Digi-Egg is put on an incubator, the player must use the corresponding data to the type of the Digi-egg. There are, currently, 8 types of Digi-eggs.

There is a small chance to the Wild Digimon drop a Mercenary Digi-egg from it's evolutionary family. Then, for example, a wild Garurumon may ocasionally drop a Gabumon Mercenary Digi-egg that can be hatched at the Incubator.

Types of Mercenary Digi-Eggs

Currently, there are eight different types of Mercenary Digi-eggs that can be hatched by using the corresponding Data Chip at the Incubator.

  • Beast
  • Dragon/Reptile
  • Insect/Bug
  • Plant
  • Rock
  • Bird
  • Fire
  • Devil/Dark

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