Lucemon (Falldown Mode) is the strongest of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it is an ultimate Demon Lord Digimon which possesses both the divine and the diabolic. It instigated a rebellion in the far-flung past, and so it was sealed in the Dark Area along with many other Demon Lord Digimon. Its power exceeds that of Ultimates, and is said to rival that of the existence called "God" as well. It has a contradictory existence, in that one side of it loves all things, as God does, while the other is trying to destroy the whole world, as the Devil does. Hence, once it destroys this world, it intends to create a fresh new world. Its Special Moves are, after launching the opponent high into the sky with a wild dance of blows, holding their limbs fixed as it drives them back into the ground (Paradise Lost), and producing a three-dimensional magic square, as a glowing orb of holiness and evilness, which it traps the opponent within (Dead or Alive). When shut within this magic square, it is a 50/50 decision whether the opponent is either completely annihilated or suffers great damage.


Lucemon (Falldown Mode) digivolves from Lucemon at level 41.

Lucemon (Falldown Mode) digivolves to Lucemon (Satan Mode) at level 70 (with the Gehenna).

Lucemon (Falldown Mode) digivolves to Lucemon (Larva Mode) at level 70 (with the item The Source of the Darkness).


  • Paradise Lost
  • Dead or Alive

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