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Leomon is an Animal Digimon whose name and design is derived from "Leo" (Lat: lion). It is called the "King of Beasts", as well as the "Noble Hero". While most Digimon are ferocious, it possesses a strong will and a heart of justice, and has defeated great numbers of fiendish Digimon. Also, it is a rival to the "Digimon Hunter" Ogremon, who carries out destruction to its limit. Its tough body, which has been well-tempered by daily training, can endure any attack, and since it chokes the life out of the opponent with its quick attacks, Leomon can be said to be an outstanding Combat Species. It carries a sentient magical sword called "Beast Sword" (獅子王丸 Shishiou-maru, lit. "Lion King") on its waist


Leomon digivolves from Elecmon at level 11.

Leomon digivolves to Panjyamon at level 25.

Leomon digivolves to SaberLeomon at level 41.


  • Juuouken
  • Juugamaru

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