Kotemon is a Rookie Level Reptile Digimon. He is in training to become a swordsman. He is silent, and refuses to remove the guard on his face, so no one knows what he really looks like. His name comes from the Japanese kote, which means the fencing gloves (gauntlet) in kendo and his mask is a men, another item used in kendo.


Gladimon Line

Kotemon digivolves to Gladimon at level 11.

Kotemon digivolves to Knightmon level 25.

Kotemon digivolves to Crusadermon at level 41.

Musyamon Line

Kotemon digivolves to Musyamon at level 11.

Kotemon digivolves to Asuramon level 25.

Kotemon digivolves to Zanbamon at level 41.


  • Thunder Kote
  • Fire Men


Musyamon Line

Zanbamon line

Gladimon Line


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