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Justimon is an Android Digimon whose name is derived from "Justice" and whose design is derived from the Kamen Rider character Riderman. It is a "Hero of Justice"-type Digimon wearing a flapping red muffler. Its sense of justice burns hot, and as it is a Digimon that never overlooks unjust acts or evil deeds, it is an existence which Rookie Digimon aspire to. It comes along like the wind, swings down its hammer of Justice, and leaves like the wind. Also, it seems to like taking a decisive pose atop a cliff while facing the setting sun. By switching out the three plugs on its right shoulder, which are equipped to the "Extend Transmitter" on its back, it can make its arm transform into the power-type "Accel Arm", the blitz-type "Blitz Arm", or the cutter-type "Critical Arm". Suijinmon, Raijinmon, and Fuujinmon each have two copies of the respective Arm.


Monodramon Line

Justimon digivolves from CyberDramon at level 41.

Justimon digivolves to Fujinmon at level 65 (with the Critical Arm).

Deputymon and Starmon Line

Justimon digivolves from SuperStarmon at level 41.

Justimon digivolves to Fujinmon at level 65 (with the Critical Arm).


Deputymon and Starmon Line

  • Accel Arm
  • Justice Kick

Monodramon Line

  • Justice Kick
  • Critical Arm

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