A tamer can be equipped with several articles of clothing to improve both his stats and his Digimon. You can purchase a Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Shoes and an Accessory.

In order to obtain different kinds of clothing the player must scan different kinds of droppable DigiEggs.

For instance, scanning a High Class grass DigiEgg might reward the player with either Plastic Frame Glasses or Sunglasses.

Besides this you also receive a Digivice with which you can equip different chips to improve the effectiveness of your digimon.


With the Attributes, Tamers can improve their clothing, which increases their stats.


There are several types of digi eggs and they serve different purposes.

A DigiEgg (for return) or Cracked DigiEgg is dropped by defeated digimons and they're only use is to be refunded for money at a DATS agent in a village.

A "regular" DigiEgg can have several ranks and belong to a specific class. The important thing in a DigiEgg is that they are "scanable", this means that you can trade them for random items. If a DigiEgg is of the class "DATA" then that DigiEgg can be turned into a Data Chip the same type of the DigiEgg.

Mercenary DigiEgg

These are DigiEggs that can be hatched into mercenary digimon. They need Data Chips of the type of the digimon that can be hatched from it.Guide to hatching digimon.

Data Chip

Data chips are chips that represent the various types of mercenary digimon currently available. Their only purpose is to be used to hatch a mercenary digimon. The types available are:


Chipsets are used with a digivice to improve digimon statistics. They only work if they are of the same group of the digimon currently out and if both the tamer and the digimon fulfill the level requirements. The groups are:

  • Dragon's Roar (DR)
  • Nature Spirits (NSP)
  • Jungle Troopers (JT)
  • Wind Guardians (WG)
  • Deep Savers (DS)
  • Metal Empire (ME)
  • Virus Busters (VB)
  • Nightmare Soldiers (NSO)
  • Dark Area (DA)
  • Unknowm (UK)

Cash Shop Items

  • Evolutor - Used to unlock Mercenary Digimon's Ultimate and Mega forms (3 evoluters to Ultimate; 4, 6 or 8 evolutors to Mega).
  • Accelerators - Used to unlock Digimon's Burst Mode or Side Mega forms (Ex: Drimogemon into Craniummon, Renamon into Kuzuhamon).
  • Mysterious\Miracle Fruit - Uses to make a Digimon bigger or smaller.
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