Hagurumon is a Machine Digimon whose name and design are derived from the gear (歯車 Haguruma?). It is a mutant Digimon shaped like a gear. There are countless gears built into its body, and the gears are constantly rotating. For that reason, if even a single gear is missing, all of the gears in its body stop rotating, and it becomes unable to maintain its vital functions. Hagurumon possesses the special ability to send a computer virus to its opponents in order to manipulate them at will, and that ability is exploited by fiendish Digimon. However, because Hagurumon itself doesn't have any sense of self, it doesn't even know it is being misused.


Guardromon Line

Hagurumon digivolves to Guardromon at level 11.

Hagurumon digivolves to Andromon at level 25.

Hagurumon digivolves to HiAndromon at level 41.

Hagurumon digivolves to Craniamon at level 65 (with the item Duo Solar Spear).

MechaNorimon Line

Hagurumon digivolves to MechaNorimon at level 11.

Hagurumon digivolves to Megadramon at level 25.

Hagurumon digivolves to Machinedramon at level 41.

Hagurumon digivolves to Chaosdramon at level 65 (with the item Hyper Cannon).


  • Crash Device
  • Darkness Gear


Gardromon Line

A peculiar Digimon that resembles a gear. This Digimon is impervious to good and evil, so it tends to be used by bad Digimon. Ultimately, it will evolve into HiAndromon, a Cyborg type Digimon with autonomous thinking capability.

Hagurumon (Guardromon line)

MechaNorimon Line

A peculiar Digimon in the shape of a saw toothed wheel. It is sometimes used by bad Digimons because there is no differentiation between good and bad. It's final evolutionary stage is MugenDramon. Hagurumon (Mekanorimon line)

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