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Digimon Attribute:Virus
Type:Machine Digimon
Family Attribute(s):Metal Empire
Natural Attribute:Steel
Digivolves from:Hagurumon
Digivolves to:Andromon
Hatchable from egg?No
Has a Riding Mode?No
Location:Oil refinery-2
Digimon Maze B1

As an android, Guardromon is a protector by nature, a mechanical defense specialist who faithfully fights for justice and protects the computer network. However, he tends to be rather foppish and frequently unlucky in his endeavors. When combined with the "Net Keeper", Giromon, he has the defensive efficiency of an iron wall. There are times when evil hackers utilize it to protect them. His name is sometimes spelled as Gardromon.

Guardromon's armored body is made of solid iron. He also has rocket jets mounted on his back.


Guardromon digivolves from Hagurumon at level 11.

Guardromon digivolves to Andromon at level 25.


  • Protect Grenade
  • Warning Laser

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