Gizumon AT is an artifical Digimon whose name and designed are likely derived from Gizumon and the IBM Personal Computer/AT. It has no arms and legs and simply floats through the air. It has two appendages on the sides of its body that resemble wings, in addition to several cables at the base of its body. Gizumon AT can manipulate the appendages on the sides of their bodies and extend them to strike their enemies. Gizumon AT can manipulate the tentacles on the base of its body and shock its opponents.


Gizumon AT digivolves to Gizumon XT at level 25.


  • AT Laser
  • AT Hacking


A Machine type Digimon built from the modification of various Digimon by Akihiro Kurata. Ultimately, it will evolve into Gizumon XT.Gizumon AT (2)

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