Gesomon is a Mollusk Digimon whose name and design are derived from "squid legs" (下足 Geso?). It has the shape of a squid and inhabits the depths of the Net Ocean. Although it is feared as the "White Demon of the Depths", it is highly intelligent and will not harm Digimon outside of its territory. However, if they seem to cross into its territory even for a moment, it will attack them like a fierce, raging god. For its attack style it specializes in "Hit and Away", in which it inflicts a single blow and then immediately withdraws.


Gesomon digivolves from Syakomon at level 11.

Gesomon digivolves to MarineDevimon at level 25.

Gesomon digivolves to Leviamon at level 41.


  • Deadly Shade
  • Devil Bashing

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