Gekomon is a Champion Level Amphibian Digimon. Said to be the result of data from a famous piece of music, Gekomon have an interest in anything musical. The horn around his neck and the three holes on the tip of his tongue can make music that can influence the feelings of others. Gekomon live in rivers, lakes, but mostly swamps with Otamamon and their ruler, ShogunGekomon. Despite their looks, they can sing really well, and their singing has developed due to all the practicing when they were still Otamamon. It has a wiry body, along with a crazed look. Gekomon resemble frogs.

Digivolution Line

Gekomon digivolves from Otamamon at level 11.

Gekomon digivolves to ShogunGekomon at level 25.

ShogunGekomon digivolves to Pukumon at level 41.


  • Tongue Attack
  • Symphony Crusher

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