Examon is a Holy Knight Digimon whose name is derived from Exabyte. One of the "Royal Knights", the extraordinary data size it possesses made traditional digital tools unable to completely render it, so it wasn't discovered until it finally became possible to render it with the use of state-of-the-art digital tools. Though it belongs to the Royal Knights, it is simultaneously a being which stands at the top of all Dragon Digimon, and holds the alias of "Dragon Emperor". The "Caledfwlch" on its back is a unique set of gigantic, sentient wings composed entirely of Chrome Digizoid, and at its own discretion it can change into wings for flight or into a shield to defend Examon. The gigantic lance "Ambrosius" is loaded with special shells stocked with viruses which possess various effects, so Examon's attacks are quite diverse.


Examon digivolves from Slayerdramon and Brakedramon at level 41 by using Jogress Chip.


  • Dragonic Impact
  • Pendragon's Glory

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