Drimogemon is a Beast Digimon. His name comes from drill and "mogura", the Japanese word for mole. He looks like a giant mole with a huge steel drill at the end of its nose (and smaller versions of it as nails for both hands and feet). They are known to live underground. Drimogemon are great diggers.


Drimogemon digivolves to Digmon at level 11.

Drimogemon digivolves to Giromon at level 25.

Drimogemon digivolves to HiAndromon at level 41.

Drimogemon digivolves to Craniamon at level 65 (with the Duo Solar Spear).


  • Crusher Bone
  • Drill Spin


You can get him 3/5 with riding mode (it's slower) from a quest given by Richard Sampson when you are Dats Member (getting all 5 dats emblems) 


A mole-shaped Beast type Digimon with a well-developed nose drill. It moves underground by drilling rapidly through soil. Ultimately, it will evolve into HiAndromon, a Cyborg type Digimon with autonomous thinking capability. Drimogemon


  • Drimogemon is champion level in previous games and the anime

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