Dracmon is an Undead Digimon from the Dark Area and is a mischievous bloodsucker. If its mischief involves danger, it will not shrink away from it and views it as a challenge. It has been said it began to die when it tried to draw graffiti of the faces of the Digimon Sovereigns. Recently, it has started to cause mischief for the Royal Knights. Its name comes from Dracula.

He is a natural carrier of the X-Antibody.


  • Eye of Nightmare
  • Undead Fang


Dracmon digivolves to Sangloupmon at level 11.

Dracmon digivolves to Matadormon at level 25.

Dracmon digivolves to GranDracmon at level 41.


A mischievous digimon from the Dark Area. It takes risks just to fool around and get some fun. It seems so busy trying some pranks on Royal Knights that it hardly sucks on blood these days. It ultimately evolves into GranDracmon.

Drac Line

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