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Dokunemon is a Larva Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Doku (毒? lit. "Poison") Kunemon". It has lightning-patterns all over its body, and although it is uncertain whether the lightning-patterns on the portion considered its face can are organs equivalent to eyes, because they change shape in in accordance with its emotions, it is said that they probably are eyes. Its personality is fairly malicious.


Dokunemon digivolves to Dokugumon at level 11.

Dokunemon digivolves to Archnemon at level 25.

Dokunemon digivolves to Parasimon at level 41.


  • Poison Ride
  • Worm Venom


A larva type digimon like the kunemon, with deadly poison in its body. It can easily evolve into the mature period with strong poisonous qualities. Research is being conducted to solve the riddle of the insect type. Dokunemon (2)

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