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The digital world is run amok with rampaging Digimon, and only you, a new DATS center recruit can save them. By earning enough respect amongst the people of Yokohama Village, you can gain access to the Digital World, where your adventure can truly begin.

Starter (Partner)

This is your typical starter Digimon. You may choose from Agumon, a fire type digimon, Gaomon, A wind Digimon, Lalamon, a plant Digimon, and Falcomon, a bird Digimon. Each Digimon have their own playstyle such as having higher attack speed, having more attack power, or having more HP and DS. You may choose one when creating a new tamer. However, once you choose one, it is not possible to get the others ingame, so choose wisely.






Throughout your adventures, when you defeat a wild Digimon they will drop data eggs. Depending on the egg, you can return them to the digital world for extra Bits (currency) or scan them for various items or data. Rarely, a Digimon may drop a Mercenary egg. With the right amount of data, you can potentially hatch that Digimon and use it as your own so long as the data injection doesn't fail. Hatching a new Mercenary Digimon is tough but well worth it in the end. Check out the Mercenary Digimon page for more details on what Digimon can be hatched.


When you first start out, you will notice the Digimon have entered our world and are running loose. You may engage these digimon in combat to reduce their numbers. By defeating these rogue Digimon, they will sometimes drop broken data, By taking these to a DATS agent, you can turn them an get some Bits in return. You can also find data eggs, event items, and even Mercenary Digimon eggs too. After reaching a Digimon level of 10+ over a wild digimon, wild Digimon will no longer drop any items except for event items if any, so be careful.

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