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Coredramon (Blue) is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of Blue Diamante, a rare gem mined from mountainous regions with very high altitudes. For them to live on steep mountains, they have grown wings and can fly at a high speed. Digimon having "-dramon" in their names must contain dragon-gene data (dragon DNA) in their digicores. The higher the ratio of dragon DNA, the more the body shapes like a dragon type. Having a dragon DNA ratio of 100%, Coredramon is a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon.


Coredramon (Blue) digivolves from Dracomon at level 11.

Coredramon (Blue) digivolves to Wingdramon at level 25.


  • Stike Bomber
  • Blue Flare Breath
  • G Shurunen II

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