Chirinmon is a Holy Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Qilin. It is said to be an ancient Digimon that was born at the creation of the Digital World, and it has been handed down through legend as boasting strength on par with a Mega, even though it is an Ultimate. Although it is a Digimon that possesses mighty strength, it deeply detests conflict, and it is said that it will never shed blood. Although it has a deeply compassionate personality that loves everything living in the Digital World, when it is up against a being that commits senseless killings, it is said that it will inflict merciless punishment.


Chirinmon digivolves from Reppamon at level 25.

Chirinmon digivolves to Kentaurosmon at level 41.


  • Wind Cutter Sword
  • Knowledge of Swift

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