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Cherubimon White
(ケルビモン(善) Cherubimon (Virtue))

Digimon Attribute:Vaccine
Type:(JP:) Cherub Digimon
(EN:) Angel Digimon
Family Attribute(s):Virus Busters
Wind Guardians
Digivolves from:Antylamon (Deva)
Hatchable from egg?No
Has a Riding Mode?No

Cherubimon White is an Angel Digimon whose names and design are derived from the mythical Cherubim. It is sometimes referred to as "Kerpymon" in American Bandai materials. As one of the "Celestial Digimon", it is the guardian of God and His wisdom. It has the appearance of a beast, and uses mighty lightning techniques, whose strike is thought to be divine punishment. Cherubimon White wears a Holy Ring on each of its ears.


Cherubimon White digivolves from Antylamon (Deva) at level 65 (with the Angel Ring).


  • Lightning Spear
  • Storm of Judgment

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