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(キャンドモン Candmon)

Digimon Attribute:Data
Type:(Ja:) Flame Digimon
(En:) Fire Digimon Digimon
Family Attribute(s):Nightmare Soldiers
Natural Attribute:Fire
Digivolves to:Wizardmon
Hatchable from egg?Yes
Has a Riding Mode?No
Location:Western Village
Digimon Maze F1

Candlemon is a Flame Digimon whose name and design are derived from the candle. There is a flame on its head that resembles DemiMeramon, and if that flame goes out, it dies. Because of this, some say that the main body is the flame and that the wax is just a decoy.

Digivolution Line

Candlemon digivolves to Wizardmon at level 11.

Candlemon digivolves to Mystimon at level 25.

Candlemon digivolves to Dynasmon at level 41.


  • Melt Wax
  • Bonfire


The head of this Flame-type digimon is on fire. When the fire is put out, the digimon dies. In combat, it throws balls of flame at an enemy. Altough it looks intimidating on the outside, it is rather calm and doesn't attack others that often. Its final stage of evolution is Dynasmon.

Candlemon line

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