Boltmon is an Android Digimon whose name and design are derived from the fictional Frankenstein's monster, with "Bolt" as a reference to that name. It is a prototype Digimon constructed at the same time as Andromon. Unlike the mechanically-based Andromon, the organically-based Boltmon possessed emotions, as well as power that surpassed Andromon's, but because it was difficult to control and ran wild, it was consigned to oblivion in the darkness. Due to their egos, the scientists who created this unfortunate Digimon denied its own existence, so it began wandering within the darkness of its sorrow.


DemiMeramon Line

Boltmon digivolves from SkullMeramon at level 41.

DemiDevimon Line

Boltmon digivolves from Pumpkinmon at level 41.


  • Battle Tomahawk
  • Tomahawk Steiner

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