Armadillomon is a Mammal Digimon whose name and design are derived from the armadillo. Its body is covered in a hard shell. It has a carefree, charming personality, but occasionally gets hurt if it gets carried away.


Normal Line

Armadillomon digivolves to Ankylomon at level 11.

Armadillomon digivolves to Shakkoumon at level 25.

Armadillomon digivolves to Vikemon at level 41.

Armadillomon digivolves to Submarimon at level 35 by using the Digi-egg of Reliability.

Shakkoumon (Jogress) Line

Armadillomon digivolves to Shakkoumon (Jogress) at level 20 with Angemon and a Jogress Chip.

Armadillomon digivolves to Digmon (Armor) at level 35 by using the Digi-egg of Knowledge.


  • Rolling Stone
  • Scratch Beat


A mammal type digimon with a hard shell covering the body. It has a carefree and bright personality, but gets explosive power when the armor evolves. It ultimately evolves ito a Vikemon.


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