Aquatic DATA

Aquatic DATA chips are the DATA Chips that are necessary when trying to hatch a Mercenary Digimon of the Aquatic family.

Data Types

  • AquaticLow Class DATA - Hatching ingredients for Aquatic DigiEgg Low Class
Kind - Hatch Material
Class - Normal Item

How to Get

Though Aquatic DATA can not be purchased from designated Digimon Masters Online shops, it can be purchased from the DMO cash shop for either premium silk or silk. Aquatic DATA can also be purchased from other DMO players ranging at a variety of different prices.

  • Cash Shop Prices
    • 30EA 20P
    • 10EA 8P
    • 30EA 20S
    • 10EA 8S

Aquatic DATA can also be obtained from Aquatic DigiEggs, which can be dropped by Aquatic Digimon.

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